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Reminder: Follow MOOCs for credits!


Did you know that you can take online courses to enrich your educational portfolio? TU Delft has partnered with leading universities around the world to launch a new initiative called ‘Credits for MOOCs’.

As of February 2017, you (and students from our partner universities) will be able to use online courses as part of a free minor, as electives in master programme, or in honour’s programmes. These online courses will include an assessment required to receive credits for MOOCs. For the first MOOCs the deadline is 27 January 2017.

How to apply?

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Herinnering: Inschrijven tentamens / Reminder: Registration for examinations


We herinneren je er aan dat je jezelf tot 14 kalenderdagen voor de start van het desbetreffende tentamen kan aanmelden. Alle processen en regelingen rondom het aanmelden voor tentamens kun je terugvinden via:


We like to remind you that you can register yourself for examinations upon till 14 days before the start of the relevant exam. For more information and regulations, please go to

Participate in a MOOC and earn credits | TU News


TU Delft now offers you fully online courses in which you can learn at your own pace and time. Guided by inspiring lecturers ranging from Universities in Australia to our own campus you are able to participate in an online course that you will finish with an assessment (varying from a written exam here at our campus to a digital oral assessment with the lecturer) and receive credits for your grade list.

What do you need to do to apply?
Find your MOOC, apply by filling out a form and after selection start your online experience. All steps can be found in more detail at this website:

What do I need to  do to incorporate courses in my study programme?
The courses can be regarded as electives and can be used as part of a free minor, in the master or in the honours programmes. To incorporate these courses in your study programme you need to follow the regular procedures at your faculty.

At this moment we offer you twelve topics provided by the University of Queensland, Australian National University, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and the TU Delft. For the start of next academic year a different variety of topics will be made available.

So keep an eye on the website and start searching your online course!

For questions you can email us:

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Op zoek naar informatie over je studie?

Revisement of building access – Faculty of 3mE


With nearly 200 different access profiles and no list who has access to parts of the building and work / study areas, an undesirable and dangerous situation arise. The faculty management has decided to regulate the faculty admission policy again. From October 31, all the campus cards will be put on “standard”. Students will receive standard card access to the 3mE building from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00h.

Supervising special access outside the “standard” times will be monitored tighter. These measures are necessary for everyone’s safety to work or study safely outside the standard opening hours. We ask for your understanding.

  • For the master students access to tower C will change to 22:30h instead of 01:00h During the entire week.
  • Weekend access will have to be requested again each time, this in order to prevent contamination of the database.

Students currently with valid reason for having special access to the building, are invited to re-apply for entry.

Access to conference rooms and other spaces IN the building, will remain under the prevailing conditions. If unexpected problems occur, you are asked to re-apply. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for understanding and your cooperation.

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