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Maritime students’ ‘Wave Parasite’ idea wins Our Oceans Challenge

Our Oceans Challenge, 15 juni 2017, Rotterdam. Foto Marco De Swart

The ‘Wave Parasite’ concept created by our two maritime students Roeland Schillings and Ruben de Jong was chosen by Our Oceans Challenge, a Dutch consortium of maritime companies, as the best idea to make our oceans cleaner.

The ‘Wave Parasite’ is a construction of floating structures moored around the monopiles of wind turbines at sea, which convert the force of waves into energy. This makes even more use of natural elements to generate energy. The consortium of companies in this initiative will now get together with the winners to figure out the best way of applying their project in practice.

The second prize was for an idea that separates plastic in rivers before it can reach the oceans by means of a great bubble barrier. This initiative was also given the public award by all those present in the room. An idea for reusing waste from the offshore for various other applications won the third prize.

The ideas were selected during an ‘Our Oceans Challenge’ meeting in the Rotterdam Maritime Museum. Oceans cover two thirds of our planet. They are a key food source for life on earth. Unfortunately, the ocean environment is in bad health as a result of an ever-increasing world population and economic activity at sea. The Dutch ‘Our Oceans Challenge’ partnership believes that despite these environmental challenges, it is possible use and exploit our oceans in a responsible way. The maritime industry would now like to assume its responsibility and encourage people to share sustainable ideas that can be put into practice.

This is not the first time that the partnership has welcomed innovative ideas from elsewhere. ‘Our Oceans Challenge’ launched its online platform, which people can use to suggest ideas, in 2014. At the time, five winners were selected after an initial selection. Ideas include ways of using plastic waste in the oceans in recycled products, generating energy with the help of tidal and wave motion, and the use of biological anti-fouling, which has been further developed together with industry, see here.

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We herinneren je er aan dat je jezelf tot 14 kalenderdagen voor de start van het desbetreffende tentamen kan aanmelden. Alle processen en regelingen rondom het aanmelden voor tentamens kun je terugvinden via:


We like to remind you that you can register yourself for examinations upon till 14 days before the start of the relevant exam. For more information and regulations, please go to

Inaugural Speech Dariu M. Gavrila

Update Coffee & Bikes, Pulse and Learning Lab

In recent weeks the underground cables and pipelines underneath the future Coffee & Bikes location have been shifted. Coming week the construction site will be further laid out.

Alongside the currently cordoned off area, another will be taped off between the construction site and Freezone A along the Landbergstraat for the purposes of contractor storage. The gravel will be dug out in early July after which the foundations will be laid. The pilings will not be driven, but injected instead to limit nuisance from vibration and noise as much as possible. Coffee & Bikes is expected to be completed by late November.
On the other side of the square, Pulse’s contours are becoming increasingly apparent. Work is currently underway on the steel structure and the various floors. The highest point will soon be reached. Work by the contractor on Pulse will continue over the summer holidays.
The construction activities for the Learning Lab will be completed soon. The building will then be furnished and audio-visual equipment will be installed. It will be taken into operation at the start of the new academic year. Until Pulse is opened in September 2018, the Learning Lab entrance will be on the square. Afterwards, you will go through Pulse to reach it.

Park bikes in the bicycle parking facilities (sunken parking area at TPM), not on the Landbergstraat!
Since the cordoning off of the future site of Coffee & Bikes the sunken parking area at TPM has been in use as a bicycle parking facility. It is important that bicycles are not parked along the Landbergstraat as this endangers pedestrians/cyclists and bicycles could potentially block access for the emergency services in the event of a calamity.

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