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Fiets parkeren?! Dat kan ook bij de achteringang / Parking your bike?! You can also do this at the back entrance

Wist je dat het ook mogelijk is om je fiets aan de achterzijde van 3mE te parkeren?!

In drukke periodes kun je aan de voorzijde van het gebouw moeilijk een plek vinden om je fiets neer te zetten. Het is niet toegestaan om je fiets zomaar buiten de rekken neer te zetten. Samen met FMVG hebben we extra plekken gerealiseerd aan de achterzijde van het gebouw.



Did you know it is possible to park your bike at the back entrance of the Faculty of 3mE?!

During busy periods it is sometimes hard to find a spot to park your bike. It is not permitted to park your bike outside of the dedicated bikeracks. Together with FMRE we have created possiblities to park your bike at the back entrance of the building.

New lecture hall at DUWO

You might have noticed the new location code ‘DUWO-CZ’ in your schedule already (If you have checked your schedule, it is still holidays off course). This new lecture hall was newly renovated by DUWO this summer and lies just besides TU Delft campus near the Science Centre at:

Professor Schermerhornstraat 4 (side street of Mijnbouwstraat)
2618 PZ Delft

The lecture hall is accessible via the side entrance at the staircase. It is situated at the second floor and can easily be reached by the stairs. If you need the elevator, please go to the reception at the main entrance. They will show you the way.

For more info, check out:

Evacuation alarm? Please come in action!

During the past period, the evacuation alarm turned on several times (unnecessarily). Because it is very important for everyone to come in action, we hereby kindly request you to leave the building in case of an evacuation alarm. We never know when something is really going on. There is a technical problem that needs to be solved by the security company. But until that time it can happen that the alarm goes off. Sorry for the inconvenience. FMRE is working hard on the solution.

Aangepaste Openingstijd 3mE in de vakantieweken

Gedurende de weken 28 t/m 32 is het gebouw voor 3mE om 19:00 uur gesloten.

Career & Counselling in summertime

Career and Counselling in summertime (Dit bericht is in het Engels)

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