For your information: Modifications to bicycle parking facilities at IDE and the TPM sunken parking area

Since Monday 8 May 2017, the sunken parking area at TPM (Building 31) will be closed to cars. The car park will be used as a temporary bicycle parking facility when, as of Monday 15 May, IDE’s bike parking on the Landbergstraat is moved there.

This modification is necessary due to the imminent construction of Coffee & Bikes. This will be a temporary measure until the completion of Coffee & Bikes (scheduled for the latter part of 2017).

The bike racks at IDE will remain in use until the new facility at TPM becomes available on 15 May 2017.
Bicycles still in the racks at IDE on Monday 15 May at 07:00 will be removed.
If your bicycle has been removed it can be collected from Logistics and the Environment,
A. Fokkerweg 5 (Building 60) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 12:00 and 13:30. Report to the reception desk inside. Naturally, you will be expected to bring keys that fit the locks on your bike (that you must be able to describe) as proof of ownership. Any possible damage caused by the bike’s removal will not be compensated.

Alternative parking options can be found at other campus car parks such as those behind the 3mE and EEMCS faculties (see map) and at Building 43 (the combined heat and power plant). Moreover, TU Delft will – in the short term – create temporary parking facilities on the site of what, up until recently, housed temporary student accommodation (the so-called spaceboxes/container homes) behind the EEMCS Faculty between the Leeghwaterstraat, Cornelis Drebbelweg, Feldmannweg and the Korvezeestraat. This parking area should become available in early June.

Please note that parking is only permitted in the allocated spaces and fines will be levied for non-compliance. Cars parked outside emergency exits and/or on access routes for the emergency services will be towed.

Closures will be announced and signposted in situ.

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