Update activities on and around the square

To prepare for the arrival of Coffee & Bikes, the green hillock on that side of the square will be removed at some point in the future. The tree on the hillock will be cut down on Tuesday 28 March 2017. A replacement tree will be planted as part of the IPT outside areas project. The hillock itself will be removed later on. Ultimately, greenery will return to the square in the shape of a slope around Coffee & Bikes.

Pulse’s construction is in full swing. Work is currently underway on laying the foundations. The lower part of the construction crane can also be seen. The crane is expected to be assembled during the week of 10 April and the construction of Pulse’s steel framework is expected to start the week after. This may entail noise nuisance, however the contractor will work subject to preconditions to limit this as much as possible. No exams have been scheduled in the D-side at the 3mE faculty, that borders on the construction site.

Learning Lab
The construction of the Learning Lab has started with the assembly of the steel structure. All the activities will take place inside the building. Here too, this may entail noise nuisance, but the contractor will work subject to preconditions aimed at limiting this as much as possible.

Activities have been planned for the square in front of the Industrial Design Engineering faculty. These will start in the week of 24 April 2017 at the earliest and are expected to take three weeks. The square will be broken open all the way down the side on which the current bicycle shed is situated and across a width of approx. 7 metres in order to remove and divert cables and pipelines from beneath the future Coffee & Bikes location. Breaking open part of the square is expected to cause particular noise nuisance during the first week. Work will take place between 7:00 and 16:00 and the point of departure is to carry out noisy activities outside teaching hours as much as possible. The excavation and diversion of cables and pipelines during the second and third weeks are expected to entail less nuisance. After the activities, part of the square will remain cordoned off and will become part of the Coffee & Bikes construction site.

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